Luna Fields is an authentic Belgian DJ and producer in the future-house genre. In 2018 she is entering the festival and dance scene as a promising talented artist! From young age she's a passionate musician with an international sound. She knows exactly how to create trendy vibes and through 'just in time drops' she brings the crowd in the right ambiance. Professionals from the international scene recognize her as one of the next big names in the DJ world. Keep a close eye on Luna Fields.


Belgian born DJ Ghost known for his splendid cross-over between Retro - Techno & Classics. Manager and Producer for the Ghoststyle records and Ghoststyle events. Longtime resident from the legendary clubs Cherry Moon and Club H20. DJ Ghost is one of the few that played at all editions of the Tomorrowland festival! But also played at I Love Techno (2000-2004-2007), Qlimax, Defqon 1, Mayday, Decibel, Reverze, Love Parade, The Qontinent, Q-Base, Innercity, Summerfestival, Laundry Day, Sunset Festival, … Doing all festivals over the world and playing every week for thousands of people. This homeboy will put the party on fire!


DJ Wout started his career in the Belgian clubscene in 1995. As a resident in both afterclub Carat and tranceclub Illusion, he spread the trance-sound of the late '90's throughout the clubscene. Being a guest in every major club in Belgium, from La Rocca to Extreme, from Cherry Moon to Lagoa, he earned his place amongst the best dj's Belgium has ever known. He got voted ”Best National DJ” on the 2005 TMF Awards. In the year 2000 he started his pop/dance-band called "Sylver". What started out as an amusing musical collaboration, turned out to be a worldwide succes. 10 years later, Sylver has released 5 albums on a global scale, selling nearly 2 million copies. They received several TMF Awards, German Dance Awards, and more. As the songwriter and co-producer of Sylver, DJ Wout has hit the decks worldwide, from Moscow to Capetown, from Shanghai to Chicago, keeping the true DJ-spirit alive: let's get this party started!


Belgium-based, but beaming the love for house music all over the world: DJ Licious knows good vibes come from nothing but house music. The hot-shot producer is currently going from strength to strength with every new release; from releasing ‘I Hear You Calling’ on the legendary Positiva record label, to dropping heat on Don Diablo’s Hexagon imprint with ‘I Can’t Stop’, to putting his magic remix touch on Avicii’s & Rita Ora’s worldwide smash ‘Lonely Together’. Dj Licious released “Rich Girl” a collab with Dragonette on Spinnin Records, and finished his busiest summer till date. In October he scored another hit record on Hexagon with the much celebrated “I’ll be alright”, an emtional down tempo track that leaves no one untouched.


Prolific artist and DJ, Stefan Melis aka Bountyhunter started his careers in 1990 in a very small after club called TGV. During this period he recorded his first record with a sample from the Star Wars movie and “Bountyhunter” was born. Released on the brand new up and coming label Bonzai Records in 1992, this single would go on to be a huge success and help in shaping the sound we all know and love today. Many more releases would follow including “Woops”, “Demilitarized Zone” and “The Return” to name a few. These releases would make a big mark on the Bonzai imprint and propel Bountyhunter into the big time and ensure that when people speak of not only Bonzai but of classics in general, then the name Bountyhunter is always mentioned. Today Stefan is producing Hardcore music along with Tech and Electro. He is constantly DJing in Holland with the likes of Darkraver, Rotterdam Terror Corps and Paul Elstak. Recently he returned to Cherrymoon where he played a lot of the early classics from Bonzai and he has many other parties lined up.


A real radio DJ ‘pur sang’ is probably one of the best ways to introduce Maarten Vancoillie. Born and raised in Belgium, he has been bitten by the radio microbe at a young age and is now considered as one of the most promising raising stars at that firmament. After working for several radio stations, Maarten joined the commercial radio station Q in 2009. He started as a DJ during the early morning hours but soon joined the immensely popular morning show ‘Ornelis & Rogiers’ as an editor behind the scenes. In 2012 he replaced Kürt Rogiers as the second half of the show that got rebranded with his own name in 2014: 'Ornelis & Vancoillie'. A year later Sven Ornelis left his spot and Maarten got a new co-host Dorothee Dauwe. Since 2016 ‘Maarten & Dorothee’ are filling the prime-time evening spot every weekday from 4PM to 7PM. During his spare time, Maarten chose to stand closer to his audience as a DJ-performer at various parties and events throughout the country. With his perfect serve of new hits and guaranteed floor fillers, he charms audiences of all ages. Maarten is confident on every stage and stays true to his own unconstrained style: a unique blend of passion for the music of today and tomorrow.